The single biggest problem in communication is…

Sobering thought and so true. And here’s an excellent antidote Crucial Conversations.


Seth Godin’s check list for new marketing materials

It’s worth checking out Seth’s recent post. In a nutshell he reminds us what we should be looking out for as we consider, develop and deploy new marketing materials.

“Your job is not to answer every question, your job is not to close the sale. The purpose of this work is to amplify interest, generate interaction and spread your idea to the people who need to hear it, at the same time that you build trust.

And it isn’t with one magic piece that will do it, it’s honest hard labor over time that will win the respect and intrigue of your audience.

“You will rarely achieve this with one fell swoop, so be prepared to drip your way through countless swoops until you’ve earned the privilege of engaging with the audience you seek.”

VW’s social experiment is great marketing

A while back I gave VW a bit of hard time for their appalling crisis management over a Greenpeace attack. Now for something completely different.

So quick recap for all you visitors from Mars, VW builds car and motorbikes, you know the sort of thing, generally fashioning an engine, wheels, metal, plastic, perhaps a bit of faux leather etc. They’re great for moving from one place to another, with minimal leg work.

Now watch this:

Just a reminder to all you peeps who market your products and it’s always about your products… I hope this VW initiative helps you think differently about what inspires your audience to remember you more positively. It isn’t necessarily more of your product 🙂